Bring Shine to Your Dreams: 6 Carat Diamond Ring for Sale

Nothing can be as impressive as a six carat diamond ring for making a statement I suppose. This guide will acquaint you with all that you must learn about acquiring this splendid piece of accessory, so that you can make the best decision.

Appreciating the Value of a 6 Carat Diamond

The Four Cs:

According to the diamonds’ quality standards, there are Four Cs that should be taken into consideration when grading diamonds, especially the 6 carat one. All these factors affect the value and look of the diamond in various ways in the whole set up of the industry.

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat

Price Considerations

The price of a 6 carat diamond ring for sale can range from one country to another depending on the following qualities of the Four Cs. Anticipate at least $60,000 and as much as $250,000 on average as a total cost of the stone, although more exceptional quality diamonds may cost even more.

Top styles for 6 Carats Diamond Rings

Selecting the best environment is crucial in making your 6 carat diamond shine to the maximum. Here are some popular options:Here are some popular options:

Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting has one gemstone; this way, the attention will be placed on the diamond alone. They have a classical and eternal look – this design pays emphasis on the size and radiance of the diamond.

Halo Setting

A halo setting entails a circle of smaller diamonds around the central diamond to improve on their outlook and the size. This setting gives additionality as well as adds more bling and is ideal for those who would love to have a flashy ring.

Three-Stone Setting

Simple styled engagement ring that has a ring formed by three stones; the large central stone and the two less presumptuous stones on the sides. Since it is round, this design is for the past, the present and the future; therefore, it is ideal for an engagement ring.

Pavé Setting

Additional features such as the pavé setting for the band, ensures that it has more diamonds and hence an added sex appeal. This setting adds to the central diamond and brings the overall look of the piece to a rather opulent feel.

How to Choose the Best 6 Carat Diamond Ring

Consider Your Budget

It is advisable to fix a limit of spending before arriving at the supermarket/ groceries so that chances of spending beyond your limit are minimized. Always note that when it comes to a 6 carat diamond ring for sale, the costs will depend on the Four Cs and the design.

Evaluate the Diamond’s Certification

It is always important to make sure the diamond is certified from a well recognized laboratory including GIA or the AGS. This certification gives a neutral opinion concerning the diamond’s quality.

Consult a Reliable Jeweler

Select a reputable and a jeweler that has many positive reviews from several customers. A competent jeweler should provide the client with all the information on the diamond required in arriving at a particular decision of buying the diamond.

How to look after your Diamond the Right Way

One should make sure that his or her 6 carat diamond ring is protected so as not to reduce in quality. Follow these tips to keep your ring looking its best:Here are some things that you should follow if you want your ring to look as gorgeous as ever:

Regular Cleaning

Diamond rings must always be washed to remove any dirt using warm water with a little soap. Take a tiny amount of toothpaste and use a little soft brush to clean the diamond, making sure you don’t wipe off the dirt. Eschew any chemicals which might harm the setting whereby the materials are located.

Professional Maintenance

Ensure that the engagement ring is conditioned by a professional once every year perhaps early enough before the engagement. Most of the time a jeweler can run through the bracelet looking out for any signs of damage to the bracelet or loose stones on the setting.

Safe Storage

It should also be stored in a soft cloth bag or a jewelry box for the different compartments in order to avoid scratching by the other rings. Like most other biologic products, it should be preserved in a cool and dry place especially away from sunlight or heat.


A 6 carat diamond ring is really a beautiful jewel that costs a fortune and any addition that would be made require a lot of consideration. As a result of appreciating the Four Cs, setting an appropriate background and dealing with an experienced jeweler, it is possible to select a proper ring to denote significant moments. If well cared for, your 6 carat diamond ring will be a family treasure for that is how heirloom pieces are supposed to be.

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